Need a day to focus?

Tony D'Amico
Published on 
October 24, 2023

Sometimes working at home or in a coffee shop can be distracting. At home, there are the non-work related tasks you need to get done staring you in the face. Kids, roommates and pets can be distracting. Coffee shops can have crowded seating, loud background noises, slow internet, and uncomfortable chairs.

A Day Pass at Underbelly’s Workspace is a great way to get that much-needed focus time without long-term or monthly commitment.

It’s Flexible: There is no commitment. You get access to the space during business hours for a single day, and you pay as you go. You can always upgrade to a 5-day punch pass and get a free day.

Comfort: You get to use a Standing Evo desk and a Herman Miller Aeron chair —not just a shared table or a crowded space. Lounge areas are located throughout the studio, so you can put on some headphones and kick up your feet.

Access to Amenities: Don’t pay for coffee as it’s included in your Day Pass. Access to printers and a maker’s space can help you get off the screen to switch up your brain power.

Inspiration: Our studio is designed with the creative in mind, with a Photo Studio (which can be rented at an additional rate) and a maker's space. Since many of the people who cowork here work in creative fields, it’s a great place to talk shop with other designers, photographers, developers, business owners, and dreamers!

Meeting Rooms: If you need to meet with a client in-person or over Google Meet, you can book a meeting room in 30-minute increments (for an additional rate) to give you privacy and a professional look.

Using a Day Pass is a great way to get a feel for coworking at Underbelly’s Workspace. It’s flexible with the core amenities you need to stay focused, get work done, and meet new people. So grab a Day Pass, pour a coffee, adjust your desk or a couch, and get to work.

Purchase a Day Pass now or purchase a 5-Day Punch Pass (which gives you 1 free day!)

Contact Us if you have any questions or want to schedule a tour!


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